XL-Chem’s Partners


The XL-Chem Graduate School of Research’s educational and research program has been granted funding through the French Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir (Investments for the Future Program) in 2019. Its aim is training scientific managers able to handle industrial issues linked to organic and analytical chemistry, at the brink of domains such as health, perfume and cosmetics, as well as materials and analysis. Becoming a partner of the XL-Chem program means offering its students and staff the ability to take part in an innovative cursus based in an international environment.

The partnerships that take place with the XL-Chem program will on the one hand be about the students’ education, for both Master and PhD levels, in order to give them the opportunity to take part in an innovative program that includes training and research at the best level; and on the other hand, these partnerships will participate in the development of high-level scientific collaborations, both in France and abroad.



Your Master students will benefit from :

  • Training of excellence for high level international students who hold a level 6 diploma (license, bachelor, …)
  • Training overviewed by one mentor for each student during two years :
    • Main referent during the whole training (understanding of the professional objectives, guidance in the course choices, assistance and advice)
    • Implication of the student in a research project with an international dimension that’s common to both the mentor’s laboratory and one of your laboratories
  • Payment of a monthly excellence grant to the student (600€) during the whole training period (excluding internship periods and summer)
  • An internship during the second semester of the Master 2 year in one of your partner laboratories (internship funded by the XL-Chem project; monetary gratification and mobility grand included)

To go further:

  • Student exchanges, and even staff exchanges via the instauration of mobility arrangements
  • Excellence courses in English provided in France by your researchers, with a compensation retribution in the context of a vacation and full covering of the travel costs
  • Possibility to negotiate arrangements for Master double degrees

Participation in the achievement of a thesis in collaboration with a Norman laboratory involved with XL-Chem:

Co-financing of the PhD thesis: 50% by Normandie Université (via funding of the Normandy Region) and 50% by your establishment

NT : 50% of salaries/grants, scientific supplies, travel expenses of the student and their supervisors : 18 months spent in Normandy and 18 months (minimum) spent in your country.

Ability to choose to do the PhD thesis in co-supervising, co-direction, as well as double-degree.


Becoming an XL-Chem partner is a way of reinforcing cooperation between researchers from the involved French and foreign establishments, in particular by the instauration of common research projects and the possibility to give conferences in chemistry laboratories that are members of the XL-Chem program.

XL-Chem’s aim is to create an international network of academic partners, in order to offer its selected students a unique education framework and the possibility to obtain an excellence degree in a strong international environment.


Becoming XL-Chem’s industrial partner means offering your staff the possibility to participate in a totally innovative chemistry training program which lets students acquire both scientific and managerial competencies. The industrial partners will be able to :

    • Provide courses specific to the students, in English, with retribution and complete covering of travel expenses.
    • Being a “mentor” of a Master 2 student from the engineering program. Five engineering students are selected each year to participate in XL-Chem’s “Managers” program. The mentor becomes the student’s main referent during the whole duration of the program: understanding of the professional objectives, implication, assistance and advice
    • Recruiting apprentice students from the “Analysis and Spectroscopy” program, which is a Master cursus with continuous training that aims to have a dozen apprentice student positions each year.