Mastering in Chemistry

The objective of the Chemistry Master of the XL-Chem Graduate School of Research is to offer a research-oriented training, starting from the Master 1.

To train scientific managers capable of responding to industrial problems related to organic and analytical chemistry at the frontiers of the fields of health, perfumes and cosmetics, materials and analysis.

Students will be trained in fundamental research but also in innovation strategies thanks to the combination of fundamental scientific teaching, immersion in a collaborative international research project and management certification, enabling them to become future leaders in their fields.

In an environment totally dedicated to science, the master’s students will receive a unique and high quality education in order to acquire theoretical knowledge through courses and practical skills through laboratory experiments.

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Students selected for the XL-Chem Master’s program will have the opportunity to choose the courses they wish to follow in order to adapt them to their professional project (10 ECTS per semester).

For this purpose, XL-Chem offers an “à la carte” program: students will have access to a portfolio of high-level scientific courses taught in English, based on the various existing Master’s programs in Normandy, offered by the Universities of Caen Normandy, Le Havre Normandy and Rouen Normandy.

During their two years of Master’s studies, they will also be offered several high-level courses given by recognized international researchers (approximately 20 hours per semester, i.e. 2 ECTS per semester).

To view the list of available courses, click here:

Each student will have to compose his or her own course from the proposed teaching units at a rate of 10 ETCS per semester (i.e. 30 ECTS over the two years of the Master).

The courses available “à la carte” are given within the framework of Masters offered by the three Norman Universities:

Each student will be able to build his or her own curriculum based on courses taught in English in all the Chemistry Masters courses (30 ECTS: 300 hours):


XL-Chem Master students will also benefit from the establishment of double degrees with renowned universities, such as the Università degli studi di Firenze, Florence (Italy) following the establishment of a double degree of Master mention “chemistry” since the academic year 2021/2022 with the University of Rouen Normandie.
Other universities such as the University of Montreal (Canada) are strongly involved in the XL-Chem program, thus offering real training opportunities in a differentiating international context to the selected Master students.


The research training of the XL-Chem Master will allow students to carry out several months of experimental work in a Norman laboratory, which will be their home laboratory, in self-learning guided by a mentor, thanks to a practical training and an access to state-of-the-art equipment.

The mentor will supervise the student throughout his training, from Master 1 to Master 2. The mentor will be a real reference for the student and will involve him or her in an international research project as early as Master 1. He or she will accompany the student in the choice of courses according to his or her professional project and will follow him or her throughout the course of study during guided self-study in the laboratory.

He will be the student’s supervisor at the end of the Master 1 internship, which will take place in the laboratory. He will continue to follow the student when the latter carries out his Master 2 internship abroad, in the institution of the partner involved in the international research project followed by the student throughout the two years of the Master.

(Students from the engineering program who will join the XL-Chem program directly at the Master 2 level will do their second semester internship in industry).

The mentoring topics are presented to the pre-selected students during the Spring School held each year.

The student/mentor pairs will be formed at the end of the selection process, before the start of the academic year.


Aiming to train tomorrow’s researchers and research managers, XL-Chem’s objective is to offer innovative masters and doctoral degrees, oriented towards research in chemistry, with a strong and specific training in management and entrepreneurship.

This program will enable them to acquire concrete skills related to finance and management in the corporate world, in order to access strategic positions in chemistry.

XL-Chem students will benefit from certified training in management topics: strategy, accounting, team, budget, project, quality management. They will develop an understanding of the social, legal and economic implications of the decisions that managers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, luxury and related industries are required to make.

This certification will be an essential asset for the employability of GSR students: 250 hours are planned over the two years of Master 1 and 2:


Master 1 – Semester 1

  • Leadership
  • Strategy and organisation
  • Human resources management

Master 1 – Semester 2

  • Managerial finance
  • Marketing and supply chain
  • Development and international trade

Master 2 – Semester 1

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business and companies
  • Business simulation


Excellency grants

600€ per month*

* Paid at the beginning of each month

  • From September until the beginning of the second semester internship
  • Including university vacations
  • No payment during the second semester internship (replaced by the internship bonus)
  • No payment during the summer except in case of presence at the laboratory

Internship bonus

600.60 € per month*

* for a full month without holidays at a rate of 7h/day.


  • During the second semester internship, in France for M1 students; abroad for M2 students (the amount of the monthly grant depends on the country of destination).
  • The bonus cannot be combined with the Excellence Scholarship.

Mobility grants

A round trip to the partner country and a mobility grant for the 6 months of the internship*

* The amount of the round-trip package and the monthly scholarship depend on the country of destination.




XL-Chem career opportunities:


Chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and food industries, polymer materials, cosmetics, formulation, pharmaceutical technology, biomaterials, packaging, coating…

Positions in industrial / private companies

Executive, project or department manager (Start-up), design or research engineer, quality engineer, consulting engineer / expert, sales engineer…

Academic positions

Research engineer, researcher, associate professor (after three years of doctoral studies)



A la carte training given in English by French and international scientific leaders


Research-based training with an academic or industrial mentor, with periods of immersion in laboratories


Self-learning guided by immersion in a research project of the laboratory and the constitution of a student – teacher researcher pair


Scientific training supplemented by certified management training


Access to a monthly excellence scholarship as well as numerous international mobility opportunities

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